Fabric Shopping in the NYC Garment District

Before I set out for the day, I entered the addresses and phone numbers of the stores I planned to visit.  Last Christmas, my husband and I wandered around looking for a few specific stores only to find out they relocated.  Google maps didn’t have the updated information so I called the store directly to get directions. If you know the names of the stores you want to see, I suggest logging their contact information in your phone. There are so many stores and it can be overwhelming.  It’s also a lot of walking and we ended up doing a lot of extra walking only to find out that the store relocated.  If you’re looking for something specific like a coordinating lining fabric, I recommend going directly to Mood or B and J Fabrics. That said, don’t hesitate to drop in any store that catches your eye.  I found many treasures in some unexpected places.  In fact, I recommend letting yourself wander in and out of the shops all along 37th, 38th, and 39th.

B and J Fabrics – 525 7th Avenue (corner of 38th street)

This is definitely one of those stores you don’t want to miss!  I spent most of the morning strolling the aisles, soaking up all the goodness.  There is so much variety and it’s very easy to see what’s available.  In the photos below, you’ll see that some of fabric is on rolls or bolts but a lot of it is on hangars.  I like shopping this way. The sample is large enough to see the print, you can handle the fabric easily, and you can stack samples side by side to compare. In my opinion, it’s not as easy to evaluate fabric on rolls. There is a lot of natural lighting which also makes it easy to asses your selections. Quite simply, it’s just a pleasant place to shop!  In fact, I spent most of my time and money here. Customer service was impeccable. The employees are readily available if you want help but they also leave you alone and allow you to do your thing.  I bought some yardage but I also collected a great deal of samples for future online purchases.

Metro Textiles – 265 West 37th Street, Suite 908

Metro Textiles is the garment district’s hidden treasure.  Quite literally, it is hidden on the ninth floor of an office building.  Now that I know what to look for, it isn’t so hard to find but the first time was a challenge.  Kashi keeps his store updated with a wide variety of fabrics from wool, silk, linen, cotton, polyester, and more.  All at bargain prices.  On my first visit during Christmas of 2015, I passed up some floral embroidered silk (What was I thinking?!).  Weeks later I saw the exact same fabric at a popular online retailer for twice the amount!   I’m confident when I say he has the best prices I’ve seen!  As you can see from the pictures below, the rolls of fabric are stacked in a small space.  But Kashi goes out of his way to make shopping easy.  He knows his inventory well and can pull items you may have overlooked.  Just look around a bit and I’m sure you’ll find a great bargain!

Fabrics & Fabrics – 270 West 38th St – 3rd Floor

Mary and I absolutely loved this shop! It was the last place we went but I wish it had been the first.  I found many fabrics I loved but I had already exceeding my spending limit.  That said, I couldn’t resist and ending up making 1 purchase.  On my next visit, it will be the first place I go.  Part of the store is organized by color scheme which I think is brilliant.  You’ll find wool in the same section as cotton, polyester, or jacquard – all in the same color scheme. Like many people, I gravitate towards certain colors and it was really easy to find things I loved.  The other part of the store is organized by substrate.  So if you’re looking specifically for silk charmeuse, you can go directly to that section and you’ll see a variety of prints and solids.



 Fabrics Garden – 249 West 39th Street

This is one of the stores you don’t hear much about but it really is an unexpected treasure.  I thought I was finished buying but ended up finding some deals that I just couldn’t pass up. There was a lot of variety: lace, jacquard, wool, silk, and much more. I will certainly go back on my next trip to NYC but in the meantime I’ll stalk their website for online deals.




 Sil – 257 West 38th Street

I probably would have overlooked this place if Mary hadn’t suggested it.  It’s unassuming and it doesn’t stand out. But, it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. There’s a wide variety of thread, professional tools, trims, zippers and much more.  I stocked up on Clover chalk pens and Snug Hug since both are difficult for me to source.




 NY Fashion Center – Online only

I love, love, love this shop!  The color and quality of their wool fabric stands out amongst many of the other stores I’ve seen.  They have a vast selection of wool and silk in coordinating colors. The best part is that many fabrics can be reordered.  Customer service is excellent and shipping is fast.  Their website is very user friendly and it seems to be updated often.  They also maintain a Facebook account where they post inspiration pictures, customer projects, and sale information.

 Mood – 225 W 37th St 3rd Floor

You can’t go fabric shopping in NYC without going to Mood.  If you’re looking for something specific you’re sure to find it here.  But you’ll also find a lot of unconventional and hard-to-find fabrics such as leather, mesh, reflective materials, and tech fabrics.  The trimmings department is equally impressive with velvet ribbons, crochet lace, metal chain, beaded fringe, and much more.  There are 3 floors.  Everything is very well organized and the associates are always willing to help.  It’s easy to see why everyone LOVES shopping at Mood!









  1. Anne | 5th Sep 16

    Your blog is beautiful. Loved “drafting” with you in Tacoma. Looking forward to seeing the clothes you are making. Sewing with Kenneth must have been amazing!

    • lablaylock | 8th Oct 16

      Thank you Anne! I enjoyed working with you as well! That was such a fun class. I hope to visit again sometime. Sewing with Kenneth was a dream come true. I wish I could make it an annual thing 🙂 Let’s stay in touch!

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