Giving and Receiving

DH wearing his new sweater!
DH wearing his new sweater!

I wanted to give my husband something special for Christmas, something that would make him feel loved.  So, I made a Finlayson sweater and presented it to him Christmas 2015.  It was my first finished sewing project in 10 years!  You see, I started sewing when I was 10.  I used my allowance to purchase a pattern and some fabric from Wal-Mart.  I thought I would make some khaki cargo shorts.  No sewing machine meant that I would have to sew them by hand.  Those shorts look like a brown paper bag and never left the house.  At age 14, I received a sewing machine for Christmas.  I spent most of my adolescent years teaching myself to sew.  I read books and simply experimented (the internet was in it’s infancy).  My mom didn’t sew at the time but I shared everything I learned with her.  She helped me strategize and encouraged me when I got stuck.  It soon became a hobby for both of us.  I donned my own dresses and skirts throughout high school and into my early twenties.  There was a time when I flirted with the idea of making it my career.  But I chose a different path.

My sewing machine stayed packed up for ten years while my husband and I pursued our life’s goals. Lately though, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with mainstream RTW selections and simply decided to get back to the sewing room.  I’ve learned so many new things that I’ve decided to document and share my experiences here.


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